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Why Use a Bridging Loan

  • Property Acquisition or Development A bridging loan can be especially useful for purchases at auctions, or if the property is to be developed and sold within a short time frame.
  • Buying and Selling your Home We know that moving house can be stressful. Waiting for your house sale to finalise, while also securing a new home is made easier with a bridging loan. Secure your new home while the sale of your old house finalises.
  • Refurbishment If your property doesn’t meet the Buy to Let criteria, our bridging loan options can help you turn things around.
  • Cash Release If you need cash, Bridge Finance Direct can unlock the cash tied up in your current property(s).
  • Refinancing Need money to start your next project? A bridging loan can help you get the capital needed out of existing property.



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Bridging Loan FAQ

Bridging loans are short-term loans often used to purchase a property while waiting for the sale of another to complete

Bridging loans are a good option when you decide quickly to buy a property. 

To simplify a 100% bridging loan from a bridging provider that covers the total value of the property you want to secure. The borrower still needs to have at least 25-30% deposit themselves, so if the property was valued at £300,000, the maximum loan at 75% would be £225,000.

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